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Have a happy and healthy new year with the power of juices
January is a tough month for many people – we have all over indulged to some extent, probably had a Christmas cold or bug, and we're out of routine because of the break. But we're expected to snap back to it in January with both health and enthusiasm intact. As we know, that is not always the case.

But there are some things that we can rely on to boost our mind and body at the start of the new year. Yes, there is a ray of light at the end of the January tunnel – and that is Cotswold Juices. The benefits of juices are endless. As you might know, I began eating raw, organic foods and drinking fresh juices to restore the nutrients I needed. The results were impressive - and fast.

So, what difference will the addition of juice to your daily routine make?
Adding Cotswold Juices to your diet is a very easy way to get more fruit and vegetables into your diet. In fact, the best way to load your body up with beautifying plants is by drinking them. Juices are like precious elixir of life! Think of them as your main ally when it comes to saying hello to health and beauty. In return, you can say goodbye to illness and excess weight. Drinking Cotswold Juices is like delivering a big shot of enzymes, oxygen and vitamins straight into your blood stream.


The Cotswold Juice Detox Plan
To help you get your body and health back into great shape after the indulgences of the festive period we've devised a detox plan, which you can do over 3 or 5 days.

There are two main benefits of doing a detox; reducing the toxins your body is exposed to and improving the body's ability to detoxify.

So our plan is all about eating healthily and allowing your body to get an influx of all the nutrients, minerals and enzymes it needs.

We will deliver four freshly made, organic cold-pressed juices (including smoothies) to you daily, everyday for 3 or 5 consecutive days (we will deliver to your home or work address and, during January, we'll even deliver over the long as you're within a 10 mile radius of Cheltenham).......If you have a specific day you want to start your detox, just pop a note in the note box on ordering,

All of our juices are predominantly vegetable based and have been designed to help deliver concentrated enzymes and nutrients directly to the cells of the body, which assist in the detoxification process.

You will also receive a written plan explaining the benefits of detoxification, with lots of tips and ideas included.


Get Glowing!
Once you've completed your detox , we hope you'll have got your glow back and will be feeling the incredible benefits of a daily juice . To maintain your momentum and continue getting your daily influx of nutrients, we can deliver juices daily to your office or place of work too.

So lets go for healthy this year and place your nutrient infused juice order today!



Made Fresh. Delivered Same Day.

100% organic cold pressed juices & smoothies




The Cotswold Juice Company delivers freshly made, 100% organic, healthy and nutritious cold-pressed juices and smoothies to people at work and businesses in Gloucestershire every day.


Exciting News! You can now order your juices on subscription for the month ahead..........and, we are delighted to announce, we now deliver subscription orders to you at home too. For further information on subscription deliveries, click here.


Why Organic? We simply don't want to use vegetables and fruit that are laden with a plethora of pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals found in normal farming methods. As a result of using organic produce, not only do our juices taste amazing but they also contain approximately 70% more antioxidants too!


Why cold pressed juicing? Juice extracted by pressing is the most nutritionally complete juice, containing 5 times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than juice extracted by any other method. A normal, centrifugal juicer allows oxygen and heat to destroy vital nutrients and enzymes that are beneficial to the body.


When you drink a cold pressed juice, digestion absorption time is 10-15 minutes with 65% of nutrients absorbed. When you eat fruit and vegetables, digestion absorption is 3-5 hours with only 17% of nutrients absorbed.**


If you want to add a nutritional punch to your day, check out our menu and order now. We'd like to think you'll wonder how you got through the working week without us!

We look forward to hearing from you.

*Cold Pressed v Centrifugal Juice - Real Nutritional Data - A.Sexner & C. Wettlaufer, ** Anticaner Effects of Green Juice, Food Industry & Nutrition 2003

Organic. Raw. Pressed.

100% organic, raw and unpasteurised

Cold Pressed Juices

freshly made, healthy and nutritious