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Nutritional. Healthy. Tasty.

Hello! We're The Cotswold Juice Company


Sometimes life-changing benefits come disguised as challenges. I'm Kathryn Green, and I created The Cotswold Juice Company after a wake-up call made me realise the importance of nutrition first hand.


I've always loved juicing, but my attempts to make fresh juices before work each morning, well... let's just say they were prone to a few hiccups. There was always an excuse. There's not enough time. I don't have the right ingredients. The juicer takes so long to clean!


But, following a series of health issues, I knew something had to change. After a lot of research, I started a course in nutrition. It was eye-opening. I hadn't realised just how unhealthy my diet was! I was overfed but undernourished......and my body was crying out for the nutrients it was missing.


Processed foods are crammed with hidden sugars, and contain a plethora of pesticides, fertilisers, antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals. These toxins are stored in fat cells, tissues and organs, and can wreak havoc on your health. 


I began eating raw, organic foods and drinking fresh juices to restore the nutrients I needed. The results were impressive - and fast. My energy returned, I stopped needing medication to help me get through the day and my weight (which had increased significantly) stabilised.


I had a new-found passion and wanted to share the power and benefits of juicing with everyone.....and The Cotswold Juice Company was born.


Got questions? Find answers on our FAQ page, or check out our menus and get your taste buds tingling.

Made Fresh. Delivered Same Day.

100% organic cold pressed juices & smoothies




The Cotswold Juice Company delivers freshly made, 100% organic, healthy and nutritious cold-pressed juices and smoothies to people at work and businesses in Gloucestershire every day.


Exciting News! You can now order your juices on subscription for the month ahead..........and, we are delighted to announce, we now deliver subscription orders to you at home too. For further information on subscription deliveries, click here.


Why Organic? We simply don't want to use vegetables and fruit that are laden with a plethora of pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals found in normal farming methods. As a result of using organic produce, not only do our juices taste amazing but they also contain approximately 70% more antioxidants too!


Why cold pressed juicing? Juice extracted by pressing is the most nutritionally complete juice, containing 5 times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than juice extracted by any other method. A normal, centrifugal juicer allows oxygen and heat to destroy vital nutrients and enzymes that are beneficial to the body.


When you drink a cold pressed juice, digestion absorption time is 10-15 minutes with 65% of nutrients absorbed. When you eat fruit and vegetables, digestion absorption is 3-5 hours with only 17% of nutrients absorbed.**


If you want to add a nutritional punch to your day, check out our menu and order now. We'd like to think you'll wonder how you got through the working week without us!

We look forward to hearing from you.

*Cold Pressed v Centrifugal Juice - Real Nutritional Data - A.Sexner & C. Wettlaufer, ** Anticaner Effects of Green Juice, Food Industry & Nutrition 2003

Organic. Raw. Pressed.

100% organic, raw and unpasteurised

Cold Pressed Juices

freshly made, healthy and nutritious